Speech-language pathologists are health professionals with a master’s degree in their field. They have studied anatomy and physiology, as well as neuroanatomy, genetics, human and language development, linguistics, psychology, acoustics and much more. As a result, they are qualified to assess, diagnose and treat a variety of delays and impairments. In addition, a speech-language pathologist “is the communication disorders professional who assesses and treats people with a variety of problems” such as problems with language (speaking, understanding, reading, writing), communication, speech (e.g., stuttering), voice or swallowing (from http://www.ooaq.qc.ca/profession/orthophonie#haut).

Speech-language pathologists can help with these:

  • speech delays and disorders, including disorders of articulation, phonology and motor speech;
  • Language delays and disorders, including expression and comprehension in oral and nonverbal contexts;
  • Fluency disorders, including stuttering;
  • voice and resonance disorders;
  • swallowing and eating disorders in adults, children and infants;
  • Cognitive-communication disorders, including social communication
  • skills, reasoning, problem solving and executive functioning;
  • pre-literacy and literacy skills, including phonological awareness, decoding, reading and writing;
  • Communication and swallowing disorders related to other problems, e.g., hearing impairment, traumatic brain injury, dementia, developmental, intellectual or genetic disorders, and neurological disorders.

Taken from https://www.oac-sac.ca/public/que-font-les-orthophonistes

Costs :

Preschool oral language evaluation: between $450 and $600 depending on the number of meetings.

Speech therapy follow-up: $110 for 55 minutes.