Occupational therapy

The pediatric occupational therapist works with the child (0-21 years old) and the parent to promote the accomplishment of activities and the acquisition of age-appropriate autonomy. Through his vision and his ability to analyze the dynamics between the child’s abilities, his environment and the components required for the activity, the occupational therapist proposes a treatment plan adapted to his client. While occupational therapists are typically sought after to promote skills such as the development of fine motor skills (pencil, scissors) and the ability to perform at school, they can also help your child or teenager with the following difficulties:

  • Externalized behavioral problems
  • Difficulty with coordination – Sleep disturbances
  • Difficulties with eating
  • Difficulties of acquisition in terms of cleanliness or regression in relation to cleanliness
  • Sensory particularities affecting functioning such as hyper-responsiveness (sensitivity to sounds, touches and smells) or hyperreactivity (child having difficulty controlling his strength or moving around constantly).
  • Any other difficulty affecting the child’s achievement in life.
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