Mélanie Dutemple

Mélanie Dutemple began her career with a Bachelor’s degree in Literary Studies and was the manager of a French language support center at the college level and a French and literature teacher for nearly 20 years. She then completed a master’s degree in orthopedagogy with honours under the direction of Professor André Moreau and renowned speech therapist Brigitte Stanké. Her work focused on the explicit teaching of lexical spelling to dyslexic students.

A doctoral student in education, she is currently focusing her research on the teaching of spelling regularities and offers international training and conferences on the subject. She is also a 2016 and 2017 Research Fellowship for Literacy and Inclusion (ERLI) and is participating in a research project on explicit spelling instruction (FQRSC) led by Brigitte Stanké. She is also a lecturer in special education at the Université du Québec en Outaouais.

She has accompanied hundreds of students at all levels and has developed valuable expertise with young people with learning disabilities, particularly dysorthographic and dyslexic youth.

Final master’s report: Explicit teaching and re-education of lexical spelling with dyslexic students.